Frequently asked questions

How do I claim the OZEV Grant?

We’ll handle the grant application for you and collect the subsidy from the government on your behalf, once we’ve confirmed you’re eligible to receive it. We are an approved supplier under the government’s EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) from the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV).

What happens if I need remedial work to my property?

If you need any additional work completed before your home charger can be safely installed, we’ll provide a quote for this once we’ve reviewed your site survey.

How much will it cost me to charge at home?

While the cost of electricity can vary with each energy provider, the average price across the industry is 10.3p per kWh (about £2 to £3 for a full charge on a car like a Nissan Leaf).

Can my home charger be installed quickly as my car arrives imminently?

We’ll work with you to ensure your home charger is installed as quickly as possible and at a convenient time. We can also install your charge point up to 4 months prior to your car being delivered.

Why do I need a home charger, can't I just use a 13A plug?

Using a 13A socket is not recommended by the government and car manufacturers and is a very slow way to charge your vehicle. Drawing this amount of current on a continual basis can put too much strain on some wiring systems and can be dangerous and create a fire hazard. The use of an extension leads from a 13A plug is definitely not recommended as this can overheat under the continual load.

I have a plug-in hybrid so why do I need a home charger?

The only way to achieve the impressive MPG figures quoted by the car manufacturers is to keep your battery charged whenever and wherever possible. A bp pulse home charger is the fastest, safest and easiest way of doing this every time you park up at home in the same way you charge your mobile phone.